Want to grow the small business of your dreams without losing your mind or your wallet? Tired of wasting your time and money on lame marketing campaigns that don’t work, or hiring salespeople, consultants and tech “gurus” to help you get better sales and marketing results? It’s time to end the insanity now!

Most people agree that building a small business isn’t easy. But when you learn the proven formula for success to building the small business of your dreams, it’s easier to live the life of your dreams!

Clarity has empowered thousands of small business owners from startups to $50 million companies to build a plan of action that gets results, and the results are guaranteed.

Part One: Building A Plan of Action On A Strong Foundation

Lesson 1: Introduction: How the Power of Clarity Came to Be
Lesson 2: Your Business Model: Built for Profit and Success
Lesson 3: The Essential Leadership Mindset for Success
Lesson 4: Creating Your Vision With Clarity, Then Commit
Lesson 5: The Power of Your Purpose for Your Mission
Lesson 6: How To Achieve Your Goals With Intention
Lesson 7: Living Your Company Values As Commitments
Lesson 8: How To Create Opportunity with SWOT

Part Two: How To Make Marketing Work Without Losing Your Mind or Shirt

Lesson 9: How To Empower and Align Your Marketing Team
• Expect to Win!
• Empower Your Dream Marketing Team
• How to Attract Your Ideal Customer - Attract, Engage, Convert
• Deliver and Keep A Bold Brand Promise - Brand Identity
• Master the Art of Storytelling With Content Marketing & Social Media
• Automate the Perfect Marketing and Pipeline Manager

Part Three: How To Master the Art of Authentic, Social Selling

Lesson 10: Authentic, Social Selling Defined
• Recruiting, Retaining and Coaching Your Sales Team for Success
• How To Build Your Sales Pipeline
• The Authentic, Social Selling Process - Disqualify, Follow Up or Die
• Creating A World Class Lead List
The Mackay 66 for Creative Relationships Based On Mutual Trust
• Automate Your Customer Relationship Management

Part Four: Creating Your Action Plan for Accountability and Success

Lesson 11: The High Cost of Winging It - How to Measure What Counts
Lesson 12: How to Get Accountability for Your Action Plan
Lesson 13: Summary: Clarity, Confidence and High-Performance Results
“I’ve known Cliff Jones for many years, and I’ve seen Clarity in action for myself. Cliff’s “hungry fighter” mindset and his deep desire to empower CEO’s, business owners and leaders are among the most inspiring I’ve ever seen. Cliff Jones and his strategic planning solution are the real deal, and he works with me every day.”
Seven-time, New York Times best-selling author of Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive, and Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt, Hall of Fame speaker, and chairman of MackayMitchell Envelope Company.


If you’re looking for guidance, have a burning question to ask, or simply want to interact with me, send me an email!


If you’re looking for guidance, have a burning question to ask, or simply want to interact with me, send me an email!


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