The Power and Challenge of Change for Business Owners and Leaders

This article is about the changes we choose to make a business owner and leaders. For me, change is essential, but not for the sake of change by itself. A transition is not easy for many people, and if you employ people who challenge or question the changes you make, then it's essential you help your people understand the power of change for the better.

Change can be disruptive for all of us, but if we're not willing as leaders and owners to learn from the data, adapt and change, how long will we remain in business? Last year I took the lead as the managing partner and the leader of Harvey Mackay Academy.

Over the last 12 months, we have had to make some changes in our team, products, and pricing. (You can get a free membership if you visit now.)

  1. For example, we hosted live events we called "Street Smart Summits." We priced the event at $10,000 per person, and we did very well. What we learned is that even though our customers were happy, we needed to make the events more interactive. In other words, we need to change the format of our live "real-world" events to make them even better. We'll change.
  2. We also need to learn the best price points for our new online courses. The best way for you and me to learn as owners and leaders are from the data and feedback we get from customers. We have to measure the results of our ad campaigns, listen to what our customers tell us, and change to make everything better. We'll change.
  3. The last change we're learning to make is how to develop better online training products that give our customers what they want. We have to listen and "test, test, test! Change!

If you own a business, sell, or lead a team, let me ask you ...

  • Do your employees like change?
  • Do they understand the importance of the changes you make?
  • What can you do better to help your people know the power of measuring results, listening and make necessary, informed change?

Got a comment or question for me? Please leave a comment below because "I'm listening."

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