Marketing Automation Vendor Comparison - SharpSpring vs. Hubspot vs. Other?

This is a marketing automation vendor comparison case study featuring the leading marketing automation solutions on the market. In the interest of full disclosure, I've worked in marketing automation since 2008 when I became an early customer, then a top-rated partner, with Infusionsoft. I am currently a partner with SharpSpring, and have invested thousands of hours working in many of the best marketing automation solutions on the market.

Also, there are other worthy email marketing and marketing automation solutions on the market that are not included in this post. For example, MailChimp, Constant Contact and Aweber are worthy email marketing services, aka EMS.

The reason I limit my marketing automation vendor comparisons to the following list of companies is because the marketing team at SharpSpring built their tool to feature the more robust, true marketing automation solutions available on the market today.

Which marketing automation solution is optimal for you? The one you have right now IF you're getting the sales and business results you seek. I suggest to everyone that choosing the best marketing automation solution is never done in a seminar, on a whim. These are serious systems for powering high-ROI sales and marketing results. Small companies become big companies when marketing automation aligns well with the sales focus of the organization. But your success is determined by choosing "suitable" marketing automation based on your business model, strategy, goals, people, and more.

In other words, you need to do your homework before you invest in marketing automation.

If the people helping you choose, implement and power marketing automation are not completely plugged into your strategy, people, content, target market (Avatar or Persona), and 94 other key discovery points, you're probably not getting the best results.

The marketing automation vendor comparison used in this video is powered by SharpSpring. It will help you quickly and easily assess which marketing automation solution is best for you. Whether you're launching your marketing automation solution for the first time, or up sizing or down sizing, this is by far the fastest way to help your team assess the major players in the market.

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