Sales Pipeline Case Study for B2B E-Commerce Powered by SharpSpring

This is a sales pipeline case study prepared for a successful, business-to-business E-Commerce company based in the Northeast U.S. The purpose of this case study is to demonstrate the successful implementation of SharpSpring marketing automation as a way to drive better customer engagement, sales and bottom-line results.

Here’s a summary of what I walk you through in the video.

What could building a better sales pipeline mean for you and your company? If you’re interested in running through a few case studies, or having a conversation about your sales, marketing and business goals, contact me here.

  • Company Profile: PennStation, 10 years in business, $13 million in annual sales.
  • Business Model: B2B E-Commerce, office essentials to small companies in New England.
  • Problems: Inefficient sales process, declining customer base due to competition, slow adoption of new products.
  • Goals: Optimize sales process, increase purchase frequency, improve cross selling, re-engage lost customers.
  • Tactical Approach: Implement SharpSpring marketing automation, CRM and sales pipeline solution, train team, improve lead tracking, internal notifications, follow up drip campaigns, better segment customers, and increase sales engagement through improved content marketing.
  • Result: Increased sales by 10% to $14.3 million. = $1,300,000

What made the biggest difference?

In this case the company was losing touch with customers, and losing customers to key competitors in their market. The biggest difference here was the complete alignment of sales, marketing. The way this happens is when a team of people are compelled to follow a plan of action to improve systems and processes for sales results, and everyone on the team buys into using the system well. We do this by training and coaching everyone to learn the power of SharpSpring marketing automation and CRM, or customer relationship management software.

Is SharpSpring the best marketing automation and CRM solution for you? I have no clue!

The key is to do your homework by doing a thorough vendor comparison and analysis which I provide for free.

How much would my 15 years of building and optimizing content marketing campaigns and sales pipelines be worth to you?

Maybe it’s worth a 20-minute conversation.

Remember help your people by improving the sales process that will sell more of your products or services.

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Clifford Jones
Clifford Jones is a long-time, successful small business owner and trusted advisor to CEO's, business leaders and owners. He created, teaches and facilitates a business building action planning solution that has helped thousands of business leaders get better sales and marketing results. Jones is the co author of several books, hundreds of articles an award-winning blog and contributing writer for The Business Journals. Connect with Cliff at

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