Losing Your Mind, Or Shirt, On Marketing That Doesn’t Work?

This is a story about a very bright woman, a CPA, with two Masters degrees, one in tax, the other finance. Let’s call her D.

I read a post of hers on Facebook a couple of days ago. I sent her a message and offered to listen. What I heard was typical …

She has lost her shirt, and faith, not her mind, by hiring a new marketing guy, buying Facebook ads, and promoting a lead generation campaign to grow her tax consulting business.

D and I talked almost right away when she called me. Guess what?

None of the new marketing worked, and D lost thousands of her hard-earned dollars, and several months of her time.

Was it the marketing guy’s fault if he didn’t know what he didn’t know? (Strategy for getting customers vs. his one way of generating leads)

Check out the video to hear the whole story, and how simple it will be for D to get new customers.

Marketing can be maddening, but it doesn’t have to be when you have the right strategy and plan of action to get the customers you need and want.

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About the Author:

Clifford Jones
Clifford Jones is a long-time, successful small business owner and trusted advisor to CEO's, business leaders and owners. He created, teaches and facilitates a business building action planning solution that has helped thousands of business leaders get better sales and marketing results. Jones is the co author of several books, hundreds of articles an award-winning blog and contributing writer for The Business Journals. Connect with Cliff at www.CliffordJones.com

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  1. Tom Schneider August 13, 2018 at 5:12 PM - Reply

    Well done Cliff,

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